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Pest Control and Inspections for Homes in Salem, VA

Bell Exterminating Provides Expert Pest Control to Salem, VA

For over 30 years, Bell Exterminating has provided Salem, VA, and the surrounding areas with expert pest control. We provide the proper pre-treatment and treatment to eliminate pests and insect infestations in homes around central Virginia. Depending on the climate and season, the insect population tends to grow or decrease. Prepare your home for the warmer months by having Bell Exterminating treat and protect your home from unwanted guests. Our exterminators are experienced in the following services: 

Call us at (540) 309-1366 for a free quote on pest and rodent control services. Bell Exterminating covers Salem, Roanoke, Botetourt County, and Franklin County, VA, and the surrounding areas. 

Enclose Your Crawl Space with Bell Exterminating

Crawl spaces under homes and additions can be breeding grounds for mold, insects, and rodents. Crawl spaces increase moisture underneath your home, allowing wood and other supporting structures to decay. Pests such as termites, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees look for damp, dark spaces to make their nests, putting your home at risk for infestation. Bell Exterminating will inspect your crawl space and find the best solution for sealing it. We provide service to Salem, VA, and the surrounding areas. 

Real Estate Pest Inspections for Salem, VA, Homeowners

Bell Exterminating provides homeowners in Salem, VA, with pest inspections when buying or selling homes. We are the number one choice for homeowners and real estate agents in the Salem, VA area. We provide full inspections to check for more than just termites. Bell Exterminating looks for all sources and signs of infestation, and gives buyers and sellers peace of mind knowing that their new or current home is safe from pests. Contact Bell Exterminating today for real estate pest inspections.