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Expert Insect and Pest Control Services in Roanoke, VA

Combat Termites with Bell Exterminating in Roanoke, VA

Bell Exterminating in Roanoke, VA, provides homeowners in the surrounding areas with termite extermination. Termites eat away at the foundation of your home, leaving you with both property damage and serious, costly repairs. If you think that your home may be infested with termites, do not wait to seek the proper inspection and treatment. Call Bell Exterminating at (540) 309-1366 today to pre-treat or treat your home for termite infestation. We offer emergency service at any time of day to keep you and your home safe from pests. 

Roanoke, VA’s Number One Choice for Ant Extermination

Ants and carpenter ants can be just as damaging to your home as termites. While carpenter ants do not eat the wood, they still borrow through, weakening the foundations and bases of homes. Bell Exterminating in Roanoke, VA, provides complete ant and carpenter ant extermination. Do not let ants overtake your home. Our trained exterminators will work with you to devise the perfect treatment plan to rid your home of ants. We will remove the colony and add protective measures to keep the infestation from happening again. Bell Exterminating proudly serves Roanoke, Salem, Botetourt County, and Franklin County VA, and the surrounding areas with ant extermination. 

Rid Your Home of Bees and Other Pests with Bell Exterminating

Bell Exterminating in Roanoke, VA, offers a variety of exterminating services, including bees and carpenter bees. While honeybees are very important to our environment, yellow jackets, wasps, and hornets are not. Swarming and stinging bees pose a threat to those with allergies, as well as causing damage to your home while nesting. We also provide the following extermination services: 

If you believe that you have a bee infestation, contact Bell Exterminating today. We serve Roanoke, VA, and the surrounding areas with expert pest control.