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Bee Removal and Extermination for Homes in Franklin County, VA

Bell Exterminating provides bee removal and extermination for homeowners throughout Huddleston, VA, and all of Franklin County. While some bees, including honeybees, are good for the environment, bees like wasps and hornets are much more bothersome. Bell Exterminating will remove helpful, pollinating bees from your home to eliminate their disturbance. We will also treat your home for stinging and swarming bees, including hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets. These bees are common in the summer and pose great threats to those with allergies. If you are in Huddleston, VA, and have a bee infestation, call Bell Exterminating today at (540) 309-1366. We will completely remove the bees and treat your home to keep the infestation from happening again.

Bell Exterminating Pest Control to Rocky Mount, VA

Bell Exterminating is Rocky Mount, VA’s choice for professional pest control. We provide treatments to restore peace of mind after termite, flea, or ant infestations. Some pests, like termites, can cause extreme damage to your home or business when neglected. We provide extermination for the following pests:

Bell Exterminating provides emergency services to SML, VA; Huddleston, VA; Rocky Mount, VA; and the surrounding areas.

Real Estate Pest Inspections for Homes in Smith Mountain Lake, VA

If you are looking to buy or sell a home in Smith Mountain Lake, VA, call Bell Exterminating today for a real estate pest inspection. While most pest inspections only cover termites, Bell Exterminating will look for signs of carpenter ants, beetles, and other wood eating insects not covered under termite inspections. Contact Bell Exterminating before you buy or sell a home in SML, VA. We also offer pre-treatment services for those looking to build a new home. Bell Exterminating proudly serves Smith Mountain Lake, VA; Huddleston, VA; Rocky Mount, VA; and the surrounding Franklin County areas.